Church Leadership Is Hard.

Pastors often feel the urgency to please people and follow God

Relationships tend to suffer when a pastor becomes too busy for God

Transitions and crisis can lead a pastor to selfishness and confusion

People pleasing can be counterintuitive and stifling to a spiritual leader’s passion and joy

Get Practical Wisdom That Makes Sense

We've deveopled 4 free tools for pastors who want to become better leaders for their congregation in the next month. 

With these 4 Leadership Tools:

  1. Learn How To Lead Through Transitions, Crisis, and Turning Points
  2. Understand the way spiritual authority can make or break a pastors leadership
  3. Discover how to question and evaluate the foundation of your leadership in a way to avoid long-term mistakes

Focus Your Leadership

Why won’t you enjoy thEse Tools

This bundle of tools isn’t for everyone. These tools focus on how to help pastors and church leaders lead more effectively and avoid mistakes. If you are not a pastor, or if you prefer heavy theological content, these tools may not be a good fit for you.

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